About Me

This is under construction (and, yes, I realize I just sounded like a 199x “personal home page”).

I write as “Zurgl” here, but on other sites and Internet “places” I go by “Dehumanizer” or “Darkmoor9”. My real name is Pedro Timóteo; I’m a 43-year old Portuguese Linux systems administrator. I first used Linux in 1993 or so (brought from college in about 50 floppy disks… ah, those were the days 🙂 ), and have worked as a sysadmin since 1997-98 or so (I had other jobs before, but those were generally “computer guy” at one small company or other).

These days I work at a large-ish (for Portugal) telecommunications / Internet company, as a Linux sysadmin. But, in the past, I’ve worn other “hats”, such as network/security administrator, internal tools programmer (mostly in PHP / MySQL), and even (brrr!), far back in the past, technical helpdesk.

I’ve also created and maintained several communities in the past, such as Drupal sites and MyBB forums, but these days I mostly restrict myself to writing in a couple of blogs, though even that has been sporadic at best. Free time, sadly, is a lot less abundant than it once was. Still, I love to help people… hence Zurgl.