Welcome to Zurgl!

Zurgl (est. April 2017) is a blog about answering tech questions, especially about Linux system administration. I will probably write in more detail about this in the (still forthcoming) About Zurgl page, but, basically, I thought of taking advantage of the fact that I often get asked for help at work (as a Linux sysadmin), due to my advanced age… I mean, vast experience. 🙂 Besides helping my co-workers, why not help others on the internet with the same question, for virtually no extra effort on my part. Laziness, after all, is an important sysadmin trait — it’s what drives us to find better ways to do things.

If I myself have some doubt or problem and have to investigate it, I may also post about it. A few short tutorials may also be forthcoming. And, later, I’m thinking of answering reader questions as well — as long as the reply isn’t found in the first search result when googling for that question (where would be the fun in that? 🙂 )

No, “Zurgl” doesn’t mean anything, it’s just a made-up word that is (I think) easy to pronounce and memorize, and whose .com domain happened to be available.